RedGenre: Action/Thriller | Year: 2010 | Duration: 112 mins | Director: Robert Schwentke| Medium: VCD (SONY Music) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

Fav dialogue: “Marvin: Can I kill her now?”

A powerhouse thriller with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, Red has good action sequences, comedy and is fast paced. I liked its postcard scene transitions with its humorous landscape portrayal. The story is gripping with twists and turns.

Red (Retired and Extremely Danngerous) is a story of former black-ops agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) a call centre operator dreaming of thrills. Their on-screen chemistry is sparkling. Morgan Freeman as Joe is total kick-ass in the movie, and so is John Malkovich as Marvin. Helen Mirren as Victoria is interesting. Together they wage a war against CIA and its operatives.

Red, my ‘Movie of the Day’ is worth watching if you enjoy good action flicks.

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