skyGenre: Action/Sci-fi | Year: 2004 | Duration: 106 mins | Director: Kerry Conran| Medium: VCD (BIG Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

Fav dialogue: “Dex: [walks in on Joe aiming a gun at Polly] Oh, great, we all made up!?”

Manhattan is attacked by giant robots and robotic birds, and mysterious disappearances of world’s top scientists, makes Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) and her dashing ex, Sky captain ( Jude Law) go around the world on man hunt for Totenkopf (with a biblical plot of futuristic arc and miniaturised animals), till they reach Tibet to find underground lair of the nerd villain. The entire film reminded me of moving comics and brilliant CGI, and even the robots were cool along with the mysterious protector of the legion (Bai Ling), the use of amphibious WWII plane by the sky captain seemed too outdated (he certainly deserved a mean machine). Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie) as the commander of an all-female fleet adds the oomph factor (even though there are no hot scenes throughout the movie), and Dex (Giovanni Ribisi) the technical genius abducted by the robots suddenly re-appear at climax to rescue Polly & Sky Captain.

Being a lover of sci-fi & comics/animation, I enjoyed it as my ‘Movie of the Day’.

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I work as an International development professional. My interests include reading, writing, traveling, movies, music, cosmology, collecting stamps, matchboxes, and rocks, mentoring, coffee, and computer games, among many more.

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