Kabul Disco

kabul-discoKabul Disco

by Nicolas Wild | 148 Pages | Genre: Graphic Novel | Publisher: HarperCollins India | Year: 2009 | My Rating: 8/10

“What do I draw?” he asks.

“Make it symbolic by representing the ethnic balance: 45% are Pushtuns, 36% are Tajiks, 12% are Uzbeks, 14% are Hazaras, And then there are a few Nuristanis, of course. Draw some wearing shalwar kamiz with turbans, patoos or pakols. Then others wearing three piece suits. Out of the 300 members, 25% are women.”

“Of course,” he says. Only: “I just wanted to know, what do Pushtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Nuristanisshalwar kamiz, patoos, pakols and women look like?”

– Nicolas Wild, Kabul Disco

Nicolas Wild has written a marvelous satire on the big global business that is Afghanistan and its reconstruction post American bombing of the Country to get rid of Taliban and Osama. This novel thus is an entertaining account of the French graphic artist’s life in the Afghanistan working with a development agency, of international NGOs, coalition forces, nascent democracy and the not-so-diminished Taliban. At times hilariously ridiculous, and at others poignant in its observation of the prevalent times, the book brings to life the contrasting mindsets of the two cultures. Wild captures the pretentious, privileged, vaguely Eurotrash existence of the professional expat do-gooder with a suitably wicked eye. He has hilariously portrayed the protected lifestyles, the local “utility men”, the SUVs, the suspiciously connected American and, of course, the expat party scene. Skillfully he has kept the political references limited to comments on the Bush administration, and sexual tension is kept to a minimum.

This ironical and hilarious graphic novel is my Read of the Week.

The Photographer

9781596433755The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

by Emmanuel Guibert, Frederic Lemercier and Didier Lefevre
267 Pages | Genre: Graphic Novel | Publisher: First Second | Year: 2009 | Rating: 8.5/10

In 1986, French photojournalist Didier Lefèvre documented the efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Afghanistan, which was torn apart by a war with USSR. This graphic novel is a record of his arduous journey along with the Doctors across Afghanistan and presents a powerful story of a mission dedicated to mending the wounds of war. I like the presentation style of using real B/W photographs and comic book illustrations & dialogues by Emmanuel Guibert based on the notes taken during the journey.

This incredibly brilliant graphic novel is my “Read of the Week”.


skyGenre: Action/Sci-fi | Year: 2004 | Duration: 106 mins | Director: Kerry Conran| Medium: VCD (BIG Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

Fav dialogue: “Dex: [walks in on Joe aiming a gun at Polly] Oh, great, we all made up!?”

Manhattan is attacked by giant robots and robotic birds, and mysterious disappearances of world’s top scientists, makes Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) and her dashing ex, Sky captain ( Jude Law) go around the world on man hunt for Totenkopf (with a biblical plot of futuristic arc and miniaturised animals), till they reach Tibet to find underground lair of the nerd villain. The entire film reminded me of moving comics and brilliant CGI, and even the robots were cool along with the mysterious protector of the legion (Bai Ling), the use of amphibious WWII plane by the sky captain seemed too outdated (he certainly deserved a mean machine). Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie) as the commander of an all-female fleet adds the oomph factor (even though there are no hot scenes throughout the movie), and Dex (Giovanni Ribisi) the technical genius abducted by the robots suddenly re-appear at climax to rescue Polly & Sky Captain.

Being a lover of sci-fi & comics/animation, I enjoyed it as my ‘Movie of the Day’.

Timed: Pg 1


Having loved reading comic books since I was a kid (and still love them as much), “Timed” is my amateur attempt at creating a comic strip/book of my own. Today am introducing the two chief protagonists of my comics, Unam & Knayam, who represent the yin & yang as Time-Keeper and Time-Rippler for the multiverses. I will keep posting as I go creating the panels (while doing so many other things like consulting, startup, networking, working on getting married in 2012, among other ‘armageddon-ish’ stuff 😀 ). Enjoy and Do share your thoughts & opinions.

Thank you!

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