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Having loved reading comic books since I was a kid (and still love them as much), “Timed” is my amateur attempt at creating a comic strip/book of my own. Today am introducing the two chief protagonists of my comics, Unam & Knayam, who represent the yin & yang as Time-Keeper and Time-Rippler for the multiverses. I will keep posting as I go creating the panels (while doing so many other things like consulting, startup, networking, working on getting married in 2012, among other ‘armageddon-ish’ stuff 😀 ). Enjoy and Do share your thoughts & opinions.

Thank you!

Story of a startup: Part 4

Once we decided upon the name of the brand for our green products, and were happy with the sleek and unique name, we invited couple of our friends over momos and coffee to share our ideas and get their feedback as potential consumers. In the meantime, D had designed a brilliant logo for our brand, which further enhanced the name. M & L were our sounding board for the evening over yummy roadside momos [bootstrapping has its own unique flavors], we talked at length about our branding exercise over GreenFlip. We even talked about some tag lines, and L came up with ‘Fashion Flip to Green’, which won by 4:1 vote then and there, and we accepted and adopted the tag line. We finally had a cool brand name, brilliant logo and an excellent and tasteful tagline, all in sync. Read the full post HERE

Story of a startup: Part 3

15 days later after our last meeting with S, we met another potential partner, A who showed interest in the idea of Green. Over cups of cappuccinos, we began discussing the idea in detail and crunching numbers and forecasts. The idea was back on track, and it seemed that this is the partnership we have been looking for, that every member of team has set of skills that complements and will help building a strong team to build this start-up and succeed. Read the full post HERE

Story of a Startup – part 2

Next day, armed with our ‘Green-Pop’ idea & never say die approach and enthusiasm, we met S at a coffee shop (CCD). We discussed the idea at length over several cups of coffee. We discussed the target market, pyramid marketing structure to set up the sales chain, sourcing design and in turn starting a pop-art movement in India, identifying and managing vendors, value addition, financial requirements. We were happy that we are on verge of creating something innovative, and with that we decided to meet the following day with some background research on various modalities. Read the full post HERE

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