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Manu-1Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for visiting my page to know more about me.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and reflect through your comments and thoughts. As you can see from the variety on my blog, I have a wide range of interests and passions that I pursue with full focus. I believe that multi-focus is not a bad thing and that it keep one’s mental juices churning and flowing.

My Journey

As a four years old I wanted to be a rail engine driver as the ‘power’ of a single person driving such a long train fascinated me. In later years I chose to study Economics. I later  studied Planning & Development with laurels from The University of Queensland. I have worked with different non-profits in India and overseas and have international development experience across multiple countries in Asia-Pacific and Africa of over 20 years with a focus on women empowerment, economic security, and climate change actions, and have been a catalyst of change in the lives of more than five million women across nine countries through development programs. I began my entrepreneurial journey from July 2009 and founded three start-ups and angel invested in half a dozen other ventures. At present, I work with a non-profit, HPPI, as Head of Social Impact & Sustainability, and am currently based at New Delhi, India.

Personal Info 

I enjoy travel, films, reading, model building, and music in my free time. I passionately follows discussions on start-ups, social technologies and impact investing, and is always ready to discuss innovative ideas over a cup of cappuccino.

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