No Country for Old Men

countryGenre: Thriller/Crime | Year: 2007 | Duration: 122 mins | Director: Ethan & Joen Coen| Medium: VCD (BIG Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating:5*/5*

Fav Dialogue: “Nervous Accountant: Are you going to shoot me?
Anton: That depends. Do you see me?”

This movie is a pitch-perfect thriller that delivers the intended fear and suspense, and at the same time the directorial brilliance thrashes the conventions of the genre. No doubt it won four Oscars, including best film & best director! The film starts with Llewelyn (Josh Brolin) hunting in West Texas when he comes across a drug deal gone bad, a wounded mexican, dead dogs and men, and 2 million dollars in a black satchel bag. He’s throughout chased by Anton (Javier Bardem), a psychopath hitman hired to recover the money, who uses a captive bolt pistol as his choicest weaponry for killing. Sherrif Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) is investigating the case of a string of murders by Anton, who plans to retire from active service as he feels over & outmatched. Anton kills Llewelyn, and visits Llewelyn’s wife for a pledge that he had.

This film, which is a faithful adaptation of McCarthy’s novel, and is full of pessimism, nihilism and nervous dark humor, is my “Movie of the Day.”

The Town

townGenre: Thriller| Year: 2010 | Duration: 125 mins | Director: Ben Affleck| Medium: VCD (BIG Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

Fav Dialogue: “Doug: We’re fucked if we see a helicopter. We’re fucked if we see SWAT. We see a cruiser, stop, take out the engine blocks, keep moving. No one needs to get hurt.
James: Now these guards like to test you though. They wanna get hurt for ten dollars an hour, don’t get in the way.”

Ben Affleck as both director & lead star of The Town has done a good job with making a crime thriller. The movie is based at Charlestown, MA, which is (in)famous for producing largest numbers of bank robbers per capita! The movie is around the lead robber Doug (Ben Affleck) and his hot headed best friend James (Jeremy Renner) who takes Claire (Rebecca Hall) as a hostage after a bank robbery. After she’s released, Doug pursues her to see that she doesn’t give them up and begins on a romantic journey with her. They are consistently pursued by FBI agent James (Jon Hamm) which eventually breaks up their relationship and kills James. Doug escapes with the loot which he distributes among Claire and Krista (Blake Lively) who’s a past love interest of Doug.

The fast-paced movie filled with excitement, drama and comedy is my ‘Movie of the Day’.


RedGenre: Action/Thriller | Year: 2010 | Duration: 112 mins | Director: Robert Schwentke| Medium: VCD (SONY Music) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

Fav dialogue: “Marvin: Can I kill her now?”

A powerhouse thriller with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, Red has good action sequences, comedy and is fast paced. I liked its postcard scene transitions with its humorous landscape portrayal. The story is gripping with twists and turns.

Red (Retired and Extremely Danngerous) is a story of former black-ops agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) a call centre operator dreaming of thrills. Their on-screen chemistry is sparkling. Morgan Freeman as Joe is total kick-ass in the movie, and so is John Malkovich as Marvin. Helen Mirren as Victoria is interesting. Together they wage a war against CIA and its operatives.

Red, my ‘Movie of the Day’ is worth watching if you enjoy good action flicks.



Movie Review: The Bridge of Madison County

Genre: Drama/Romance | Year: 1995 | Duration: 135 mins | Director: Clint Eastwood | Medium: DVD (BIG Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 4*/5*

“The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out but I’m glad I had them”

The best part of the movie is the portrayal of the illicit romance between Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) and Francesca (Meryl Streep). Playing the role of an underappreciated bored housewife, Streep excels at bringing out both ecstasy and nervousness, and Eastwood’s brilliant performance of a man recognizing his unspoken loneliness. Streep is astoundingly convincing with her use of mannerism, accent, look and reaction, which is unparalleled.

Good direction makes this film a work of heartbreaking story of emotional turmoil, unfulfilled dreams and tough choices.

This not-so-perfect, yet delightful drama is my “Movie of the Day”

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