ausGenre: Period/Drama | Year: 2008 | Duration: 165 mins | Director: Baz Luhrmann| Medium: DVD (Sony Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating:4*/5

Fav Dialogue: Magarri: “If you’ve got no love in your heart, you’ve got nothing… No dreaming, no story, nothing”

This historical romance is set in pre – WWII picturesque Australian outback is a story of Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole kidman) an English aristrocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch in Faraway Downs (Northern Australia) whose husband is killed shortly before her arrival. Sarah is helped by this rugged ’Drover’ (Hugh Jackman) with whom an unbashed romance grows over time. Sarah is also captivated by a young boy Nullah (Brandon Walters) who’s called ‘creamy’ by local white population as he had an aboriginal mother and a white father. The movie shows the undercurrent of racial tensions between the aboriginees and the white population. Towards the end of the film, grief, loss and disaster is beautifully portrayed through Japanese attack of Darwin (1942)

This overstretched yet ambitious film filled with sheer adventure and slapstick humor is my “Movie of the day”.

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