The Accidental Husband

accidental-husbandGenre: Romance/Comedy| Year: 2008 | Duration: 90 mins | Director: Griffin Dunne | Medium: VCD (EROS Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 2.5*/5*

Favorite Dialogue: Patrick: [with a mouth full of sample wedding cake] This cake is fantastic!

FDNY fireman Patrick Sullivan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) is a happy-go-lucky, soccer playing man about to marry a girl from Astoria, when his life goes topsy-turvy through an advise taken by his fiancee, Sophia, from this famed radio host and love expert, Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman), ending with a break-up. Patrick wanted revenge and takes help from his Indian neighbor, who’s a whiz hacker, to falsely put his name as Emma’s husband in public record. Emma gets to know about this sudden change in her life when she goes for registering her marriage with her long time fiance, Richard (Colin Firth), and is asked to get Patrick’s signature on the annulment forms. These forms led Emma and Patrick to fall in love with each other, and eventually get married for real. The movie ends with Tamil music playing in the background.

Dunne’s ‘accidental & forgettable’ flick is my Movie of the Day

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