The King Maker

kingGenre: Drama| Year: 2005 | Duration: 100 mins | Director: Lek Kitaparaporn| Medium: DVD (Magna Home Video) | Trailer: HERE | My rating: 1.5*/5*

Among the awful movies, The Kingmaker set another standard of low in quality and story telling or direction. Period drama does require brilliance in direction, which this movie clearly lacks and is excruciating throughout its 100 minutes. One has to be a diehard lover of films to sit throughout the movie without dozing off or instead change to watching news!

The film is set in 1547 Thailand (Auytthaya Kingdom), when a Portuguese soldier Fernando de Gama (Gary Stretch) washes up the shores of Siam due to some ship-wreck, and is captured by slave traders. The beautiful Maria (Cindy Burbridge) takes fancy and buys him and introduces to her father, Phillippe (john Rhys-davies) whom Fernando recognises as the killer of his father.

Fernando joins the armies and eventually promoted as the personal bodygurad of King Chairacha. Queen Sudachan along with her lover and Phillippe plots to assasinate the king, and eventually succeeds and frames fernando. Fernando is rescued by the King’s brother. The movie ends with the Burmese invasion.

This movie, worth avoiding, unfortunately is my ‘Movie of the day’.

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